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Coming to the United States to work is an exciting opportunity. Unfortunately, the process of applying for a visa to do so is less exciting. There are seemingly countless rules and regulations governing how, when, and where foreign nationals can work in the U.S. You will need a skilled Chicago immigration attorney by your side to help you apply for the right kind of visa and to increase your chances of being approved.

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The Many Types of Work Visas

Individuals hoping to immigrate to the U.S. to work have several options when it comes to employment visas. Some of these work visas grant permanent residency while others are just temporary.

There are also some visas that require sponsorship from an employer. This means that you will need to have a job lined up with a qualified employer who is willing to sponsor your visa before you can be granted permission to work. Other visas are based on merit and do not require sponsorship.

H-1B Visa

The H-1B visa allows foreigners with a bachelor’s degree (or their country’s equivalent) and exceptional ability to work for U.S. companies in roles for which a qualified American cannot be found. H-1Bs are particularly popular among U.S. tech companies – a vast quantity of H-1B holders work in a tech-related position. There is a cap on the number of H-1B visas granted each year, so timely application is recommended.

EB Visas

Individuals who wish to be granted permanent residency while working in the U.S. should apply for any of the five general employment-based visas. Some of these visas require that you already have a job offer in the U.S., though not all do.

The five kinds of employment visas that grant permanent residency are:

  • EB-1: For individuals with “extraordinary ability,” professors and researchers, or multinational business executives. This visa does not require labor certification (a job offer from an American employer).
  • EB-2: For individuals who hold advanced degrees in their field or have an exceptional ability in the arts, sciences, or business. This visa does require that the individual has a job offer in the U.S. unless he or she can obtain a national interest waiver.
  • EB-3: For skilled workers and professionals who have a job offer from a U.S. employer.
  • EB-4: For “special immigrants,” which may include religious workers, U.S. foreign service employees, and retired international organization employees, among others. No job offer is needed to be eligible for this visa.
  • EB-5: For businesspeople who are investing $500,000 to $1 million or more in a U.S. enterprise.

The Chicago immigration attorneys at Buchmiller Immigration, LLC can help you determine which visa you qualify for and which is the best option for your unique circumstances.

E-2 Visa

Similar to the EB-5, an E-2 visa is available for individuals investing in a business in the U.S. E-2 visas require a “substantial” investment in a business enterprise. The primary difference between EB-5 and E-2 visas is that E-2 visas are temporary and do not mature into green cards or grant permanent residency.

E-2 visas are a great choice for citizens of countries with which the U.S. has a treaty who wish to invest in a U.S. company but later return to their home country. The investor’s spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 are eligible for derivative E-2 visas so that they may temporarily reside in the U.S. with the investor.

O-1 Visa

The O-1 visa is similar to the EB-1 visa in that it requires the applicant to have an “extraordinary ability,” generally in the arts, sciences, or business fields. O-1 visas, however, do not grant permanent residency – instead, they grant a temporary stay of one to three years and allow holders to renew their visas annually. Applicants must prove that they have high achievements in their respective field.

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