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Every year, individuals flee their homelands and come to the U.S. seeking protection from persecution back home. Our government may grant these individuals asylum status if they can prove that they have been persecuted or that they have a genuine reason to fear living in their own country.

You may qualify for asylum if you have been persecuted or fear persecution based on your:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Membership in a certain social group (including your sexual orientation)
  • Political opinions

Generally speaking, your chances of being granted asylum are much stronger if you have actually been persecuted in your home country for any of these reasons. Your application may still be accepted if you only fear persecution, but you must provide significant evidence that you have a sincere concern about your safety.

To learn more about asylum, contact Buchmiller Immigration, LLC at (773) 830-3363 today. We can assist the people of Cook County with all of their immigration needs.

Applying for Asylum

The asylum application process is often complex and demanding – it is always wise to consult with a Chicago immigration attorney before and during your application. The team at Buchmiller Immigration, LLC can help you with all the necessary paperwork and advise you on the types of supporting evidence you should include in your application.

An asylum application includes:

  • Immigration Form I-589
  • A personal statement you have written
  • Evidence (such as medical or police reports and letters from witnesses)
  • Documentation about the conditions of your home country that demonstrate how human rights are violated

You may include your spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21 who are in the U.S. on your application when you file or at any point until your case is decided.

Asylum Interview

After you have filed an application, you may wait several months (and in some cases, years) before receiving a request for an in-person interview with a representative from the Department of Homeland Security. Sometimes, however, applications are chosen at random for an expedited interview, so you may be requested to attend an interview within six weeks after applying.

At your asylum interview, you will be asked to discuss the conditions you would face back in your home country and the persecution you could be subjected to. You have the right to bring your Chicago immigration attorney to this interview.

To begin the process of applying for asylum in Cook County, call Buchmiller Immigration, LLC at (773) 830-3363 today.

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